Quick Facts

Whoa! We got a blogger up in here!

10 Random Facts About Tree:

  1. Shortly after JPII was elected pope,Tree entered this world.  Jimmy Carter was president at the time, but a couple of years later, he wasn’t.  Who is to blame? Not Tree.  Because Tree was just a baby, and didn’t care much about politics at the time.
  2. Tree knows theology.
  3. Tree has a talent for knitting. And singing.
  4. Superman has Kryptonite. Tree has Tomatoes, Gluten, Kiwi, and Tree Nuts.
  5. Tree likes babies.
  6. No really, Tree likes all the babies.
  7. Tree’s favorite colors are blue and red. But not together.
  8. Tree drinks water, tea, coffee, whisky and beer.  But as with #7, not together.
  9. If Tree falls in a forest, does Tree make a sound? Yes. She makes a lot of sounds, and many of them may be questionably charitable.
  10. Tree sleeps.


People who know Tree is awesome

Global Statistics

Based on a totally legitimate survey of approximately eight billion people inhabiting the planet Earth at the time of this writing, which was sometime in May.


People who totally suck and need to take a hike


Tree’s favorite color.  


Thing Tree once said

“Conjure me up some food with gold dust on top. pshew! No matter how many times I do that it never works. “


Also Tree’s favorite color.