Ask Tree Anything

What are some careers that Tree has never had?

The list is long, but we’ll try to be brief.

Furniture Tester

Although she would be great at this one.

Armpit Odor Tester

Great sense of smell, but eww.

Air Traffic Controller

Must begin at FAA academy before 31st birthday, and sadly it’s too late


If you think toothpaste smells bad, try smelling people’s unwashed mouths all day.

Japanese Apology Services

Tree would excel at composing carefully worded apologies, and possibly keep many people from killing, or worse, suing each other, but sadly there is not much demand for this in the country of Tree’s residence.

Pollen Collector

We all have to admit she’d be really cute in a bee costume. This one was a real contender until the unfortunate day that Tree found out what Monsanto is doing to the original pollen collectors.

Potato Chip Inspector

Let’s be honest.  She would probably get fired for consuming all the product.

Bounty Hunter

Forgiving and sympathetic are two of Tree’s star qualities.  And probably a job hazard in this case.

Pet Food Taster

Quite honestly, we don’t know why she hasn’t tried this one out.  She does a great kitten impression, complete with meticulous hygiene, mewing, and snuggles.

Waterslide Tester

Tough market for this one, but she holds out hope that one day she will be a match.

If Tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does she make a sound?

 Yes. She makes a lot of sounds, and many of them may be questionably charitable.

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